Galaxy Fold vs Motorola Razr: Which is the real future of the foldable era

Foldable phones look to be the future of phone devices. Why you want yours to fold should be the guide to helping you choose the make you want. Samsung was first to be rumoured to release a Galaxy Fold device. Users are still eagerly waiting for the release in April. However, they aren’t the only ones that have promised this feature to its users. Huawei and Motorola might also be following suit. Xiaomi had also hinted at a foldable device in the works, how true this is up to how much you believe your source. Today, we pit the Galaxy Fold vs Motorola Razr. Samsung seems to be way ahead of Motorola at the moment, so is this really a fair fight? I pick Samsung.

According to the patents available, some of which we have posted here, the designs are quite different. When I first heard that Samsung was thinking about a foldable phone, my first question was ”why?”. Is it just for luxury or is there convenience. If you start imagining it falling like the multiple times your phones have dropped, does a foldable phone sound durable? However, Samsung has made a name for itself by providing very good hardware. In the Galaxy Fold vs Motorola Razr, I definitely back Samsung for hardware. Motorola Razr brings back very fond memories. I remember the Razr flip phone was my dream at a time. At a time when all I cared about was games. I can’t even remember if it had a camera, probably not.

Galaxy Fold vs Motorola Razr in terms of specs.

The Galaxy Fold is being built for luxury and so we expect much more advanced features from them. The Galaxy Folds like a small notebook. I have to say that the design looks like the real definition of modern. Samsung showed us a prototype at the CES 2019, but we are yet to see the Motorola Razr. However, we know that it will flip vertically to enable the phone to fit in pockets or any other small aperture. Wile the Galaxy Fold boasts with an AMOLED display, the Razr will implement a simple OLED display. In terms of storage, Samsung is way superior also stretching to 512GB. Which I find quite impressive. Although the differences are huge, the price isn’t quite as big. The difference is only $480. Wait, that’s quite a difference if you think about the average person.