Galaxy Buds low volume glitch affecting users

Wireless tech has really taken root this year. With Apple even refreshing their AirPods. Users had really waited for the AirPods 2. Mostly because it had promised wireless charging. Apart from that, it came with revamped Siri functionality. The good thing about Apple products is the unquestionable quality they offer to users. Samsung has tried to also join this wireless earphones lineup. The Galaxy Buds we know today were launched under a different name in the beginning, Gear IconX. However, users complained a lot about bugs and glitches. The company had to rebrand it completely so that users forget the gruesome past. I don’t expect wireless earphones to be easy to make. Apple seems to think the opposite as they prepare to launch the PowerBeats Pro soon. The main topic of discussion in this article is the Galaxy Buds low volume glitch.

Galaxy Buds low volume glitch has a hack

Most earphones users like loud volume. Personally, my phone is always advising me to reduce the volume. I think you phone makers for caring about my ears. The Galaxy Buds low volume glitch seems to have spread. The place to check for trending glitches is social media, mostly Reddit. People like to complain when something doesn’t work the way they wanted. Maybe it’s because of the money they cost. Samsung had a good marketing plan for the Galaxy Buds. Users that bought the new Samsung Galaxy S10 got the devices for free. Connectivity had been an issue at the beginning but they seemed to have solved the problem. The solution came in the form of an update that was rolled out recently.

But with that one problem solved, another one has risen. I can only imagine how frustrating it is for the developers. However, no one expects any product to work perfectly. It’s sad to say that Samsung products have a lot of glitches. Starting from the proximity sensor problem that plagued the Galaxy S10 users. Now the Galaxy Buds low volume glitch. Like everything else in technology, there is a hack people have discovered while trying to make the Galaxy Buds work correctly. First, one has to enable developer options in the phone’s settings. Then disable absolute volume, this has been proven to help the Galaxy Buds sound much better.

Another hack is adding the music app to the Game Launcher. It seems the optimization in-built in the app works on the buds as well. I presume if one adds Spotify then the earphones will work well in that specific app, along will all the others that have been added.