Samsung may release four Galaxy Note 10 models

I recently conducted a small survey to know which phones my friends prefer. The answer that occurred the most times was Samsung. However, most of the specified that they wouldn’t buy a new make. Like if they were to buy a Samsung phone today it would be the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. And I agreed completely with this lot. Although I am an Oppo fan, I liked their logic. Samsung’s recent flagship, Samsung Galaxy S10, has faced a lot of heat from users due to multiple bugs and glitches. And instead of fixing them, they are already shifting focus on the Galaxy Note 10. However, this doesn’t mean that there’s no one working on the fixes. Rumors suggest that we should expect Four Galaxy Note 10 Models. Apparently, they plan to mimic what they did for the S10 variant. However, is this really the right move?

No one has unlimited resources, Samsung included. Releasing 8 devices in total in one year seems like an overstep of sorts. But to say the truth, if anyone can pull it off it’s them. Normally, Samsung releases approximately 4 devices a year. It seems this year they are quite motivated. Although it seems the motivator is the new 5G technology. I found that the main reason they plan to release the fourth model of the S10 is because of the 5G tech. Actually, this is expected to reflect on the Four Galaxy Note 10 Models. Reports suggest that one of the models will be a smaller version. During my survey, I came across some users that disliked the note variants due to the size. Size is a really important factor when selecting which device you’d like to purchase.

Supposedly, two models will offer LTE support while the other two will have 5G capabilities. The smaller LTE supported device will have a triple camera at the back. Cameras have been a major talking point this year. With the Huawei P30 knocking the Galaxy S10 plus from the top of the charts. Will we see a comeback from the Four Galaxy Note 10 Models? The bigger LTE supported device will have a quad-camera at the back. The Note devices are known to have very high-resolution cameras, few can compete. But we have to wait and see whether they will live up to this good name.

Since the launch of the Four Galaxy Note 10 Models is still far, these details are still subject to change. Be sure that we will post updates on the story. Feel free to give your feedback in the comments section below.