Fortnite season 8 packed with exciting new updates to keep users in love

We have all heard of the coveted Battle Royale, Fortnite. There is no game that threatens its supremacy really. I mean, I see my little brother play this game first every time. Before he asks to be taught a lesson in FIFA he’s usually done 3 strong hours on Fortnite. Who can blame him? The game is quite one of a kind. Furthermore, it even won teens choice awards last year. However, the developers had some hiccups with PUBG. Which look to have been solved behind closed doors in a court settlement. I’m sure PUBG got some few dollars for their filled copy write infringement allegation. Fortnite season 8 premiers today on PS4, Xbox one among others.

It’s a shock how before every product is launched nowadays there has to be a leak. Supposedly, the new Fortnite season 8 skins had leaked on the Xbox dashboard. I wish I had a Xbox, that way this wouldn’t have been news to me. There has been rumors about a pirate theme for the new update. Whether or not this is true we’re not sure. If you have the game you can install the new update and then tell us in the comment section below. Apparently the update will be up as from 9 am on the 28th of February.

What’s new on the Fortnite season 8?

According to reports, the new Battle pass will begin with a huge earthquake tearing up the island. I wonder what has changed in the layout. Of course the usual vantage points for snipers will have changed. This is a wonderful opportunity for exploration. If you’ve not heard rumors about the Fortnite Leviathan then you are not a true fan. Reports indicate that there is a possibility that the creature will premier in Fortnite season 8. Apparently it will be dragon-like in stature, menacing enough for a creature older than time. I can’t wait to see whether the cracks on the ground will be visible. Wait, could the avatar fall into the cracks and die? Let’s wait and see.