First 32MP selfie camera smartphones are finally out (Vivo v15, v15 pro)

Users of the modern age greatly appreciate a good camera. Reviews about the Google Pixel suggest that the device only sold so well because of it’s camera technology. I am a lover of the Samsung Galaxy Note series camera but I think the Pixel could be better. Selfie cameras are also a major selling point. I remember when Oppo was bursting onto the scene they used this feature to lure customers. And it worked, I myself am among the victims of this approach. But now Vivo want to step it up a notch by introducing a 32MP selfie camera.

The number of phones that have a 32MP rear camera is not so high. So it is quite amazing for a company to establish such resolution on the front side. The device is pictured to have a full HD screen much like the Oppo. It is a matter of fact that most users do not appreciate the notch technology. Notches are slowly being faced out by the top dogs. Samsung recently released their Samsung Galaxy S10 that came with the punch-hole design. Quite impressive if you ask me. Surprisingly, Apple don’t seem to be moving ahead with the times. Too old maybe? Maybe too greedy.

Where is the 32MP selfie camera device being launched?

Vivo is planning to launch the device in Pakistan according to reports. The 32MP selfie camera will be a pop since the device will not have a notch. The back of the V15 is also quite impressive. Three rear cameras have been spotted alongside a 48MP quad pixel sensor. Supposedly the front and rear cameras will be fused together. This is quite odd according to present conventions. Although whether the device will challenge the Galaxy S10 is still up for debate, there is no doubt users will appreciate the improvements. Apple’s iPhone 11 is also on the way. What an exciting year we have ahead of us!