Father’s ‘ReplyASAP’ app freezes kids’ phones until they respond back

There are few things more annoying than your kids ignoring your texts. It is straight up infuriating! So when someone comes up with a way to solve this problem, the world is happy. A father in Britain had had enough of his son ignoring even urgent texts and decided to build an application. It freezes everything going on on your screen and an emergency pop up message appears, one that cannot be ignored.

The application is called¬†ReplyASAP.¬†The application is programmed in a way to treat incoming messages like alarms. The message pops up on the screen and you can either snooze for three minutes or cancel. Sometimes the child’s phone might be silent, this is not a problem for the application. During installation, the application will probably ask for permission to access your notification settings, if the child accepts these settings on their phone the silent mode will be by-passed for the ReplyASAP message notification sound every time you send a message.

The developer of the application, Nick Herbert is a 46 year old man. He came up with the idea as part of a course and had never thought the application would grow past just him and his son. His son’s name is Ben, he is 14. Whenever he is playing video games or listening to music with his friends he always had his phone on silent. This became a problem whenever his dad wanted to reach him because he couldn’t hear his phone.

The application was built to send urgent messages, not to talk about the day or say hello. It is available for free in play store and was first released in August of 2017. The application has got a lot of publicity in recent weeks and hence downloads are on the rise. ReplyASAP has a simple UI design making it very user-friendly and efficient.

Download App From Here.