Facebook under fire due to the outrageous search suggestions AGAIN!

Facebook has established itself as quite the super power in the industry. Absorbing the competition has been their main means of survival. The likes of WhatsApp and Instagram have fallen victim. However, instead of taking the services offline Facebook funds the companies. Helping them grow and earn more. The only down side is that some users feel like the company has grown greedy. I don’t share these same thoughts, I feel that the tough will survive. Even in the jungle, the big hunt the small. Recent reports have however brought a lot of heat down on them. Thanks to the likes of Cambridge Analytica, 2018 was a really long year for the company. To make matters worse, more negative reports continue to sip in.

Conventionally, every search bar is designed to give suggestions on possible results. There has been threads on Twitter shaming Facebook’s search suggestions. The user that posted the complaint is Spanish but tried to translate. Apparently when the user types in girls some really insane suggestions come up – girls in underwear, girls in short dresses, hot girls, naked 15 year old girls. This is quite a shame considering how big a company Facebook is. The number of people that use the application in a day is close to a billion. This explains why such issues are quite touchy.

Is Facebook the only company with this problem?

Not at all. Google is also on the line up. Reports of complaints about suggestions after typing ‘rape’ are on Twitter. Search engines are not optimized to be pedophiles, racist or biased in any way. Therefore, we can’t place all the blame on the Facebook programmers. The society in general should improve and rise above such primitive constraints for the greater good. If there were no users searching about rape on google, I don’t see how the suggestion would just appear from nowhere. But still, the companies should do something about this issue. Some users seem to be really sensitive about it.

Is Facebook capable of hiring programmers to fix this problem? For sure. Should they do it? Share your thoughts on the matter in the comments section below.