Facebook on the ropes for misusing users’ data(Phone numbers) again

Facebook has afforded us a lot of luxuries we now take for granted. Judging by how big their user-base is I can imagine them as Kings. Kings that have conquered competition like WhatsApp and Instagram. Snapchat is the only opposing army that is left standing. However, defeating Snapchat will be quite a herculean task. Are they up to it? In the recent past we’ve heard about users complaining about how data is being shared. There have been plenty of lawsuits concerning allegations of selling data. Facebook has a lot of information about us. I mean, they have access to our WhatsApp threads. So they should be motivated to guard out interests.

On their original application, the company added a phone number section in the profile. The fact that my friends can view it at any time raises a red flag. Back in high school, I accepted every friend request that was sent to me. I wish I was wiser then like I am now. Since no one really knows all their friends on Facebook, a stranger having access to my phone number does not sound comfortable. Once, a friend of mine’s phone number was added onto a gay site without his knowledge. I bet whoever it was got the number off of Facebook.

How to hide phone number on Facebook

By clicking update info under your profile picture in the mobile app there should be a settings dialog. Scroll down to contact info and if you have one added it should be displayed. A privacy setting exists where you can select whether you want your friends to view your number or is it only you. Privacy is becoming a really touchy subject in the modern world because of the ever expanding social media. Personally, I am not a huge fan but sometimes I can’t resist opening the app just to see what’s going on. Is this a curse?