Epic Games Sues YouTuber For Selling Fortnite Cheats

Epic Games is no stranger to suing people for Fortnite cheats, security leaks, but now their latest target is a particularly high-profile individual. The developer has recently filed a lawsuit against YouTube personality Brandon Lucas (aka “Golden Modz”) and his collaborating partner Colton Conter (“Excentric”) for using and selling Fortnite cheats. Lucas, who has over 1.7 million subscribers on YouTube, has allegedly violated the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, by uploading videos of his Fortnite cheating tools and selling them through his website.

Epic Games has requested YouTube to take down several of the cheat videos which hasn’t happened yet. Lucas, meanwhile, is playing innocent, claiming that he does not see his behavior as problematic and that other YouTube video makers were doing the exact same thing.

The company wrote in their statement. “Lucas is operating these websites and selling these cheats and accounts for his own personal enrichment. He posts videos of people using the cheats for the same reason. His ill-gotten gains come at the expense of Epic and members of the Fortnite community.’ Fortnite doesn’t like cheaters.”

Meanwhile Lucas had this to say in his defense, ‘I’m almost kind of feeling I’m being discriminated against by Epic Games you know I’m just a kid that’s making YouTube videos and a lot of people were enjoying this,’ he said in a follow up video he uploaded called ‘I am getting sued by Fortnite’.

If the studio wins the case, it would cost huge for both Lucas and his partner. Epic’s lawyer have asked Lucas to pay damages and court costs on top of getting the cheaters’ profits “disgorged.” The company clearly wants to make an example of this incident to other cheaters on top of punishing this particular offender. They want cheats to be absolutely unprofitable for anyone who would dare try to sell and advertise them. While the company may have realized they need to improve the anti-cheating code in the game itself, they’re hoping that lawsuits like these might deter future cheating before it even begins.

Fortnite has experienced a massive popularity surge this year so it’s no wonder Epic Games wants to take an aggressive approach to this issue and send out a clear message. They filed the lawsuit against Lucas at a North Carolina Federal Court and also sued his frequent partner, YouTuber, Colton Conter’ as a second defendant. This lawsuit could possibly change the way YouTube gaming communities work.