Elon Musk finally makes ticket prices for the SpaceX mars flights

The billionaire founder of companies such as SpaceX recently announced that moving to mars will one day cost less than 100,000$. In addition to this sweet offer, he says that the trip back will be absolutely free if you don’t like it. I can already imagine the public’s reaction to these great strides in space exploration. The only problem is that only the elite will afford such trips. A simple commoner like myself will find it hard to raise such a huge amount of money. Elon musk however informed the public that the price will depend on how many people will actually go.

This historic event is aimed at countries with advanced economies. An economy that has one person funding a space exploration programme is surely ready to move to mars. I wonder how China isn’t involved in this story. In recent times, China has proven to be the number one USA competitor. Because of their large and hard working economy, no one boasts of an economic growth rate higher than china’s. I’m quite sure the first trip will have someone from China on-board.

Is the SpaceX aircraft ready?

Such a trip is obviously quite dangerous. Travelling in space isn’t like driving around town where you can pull down the window and enjoy the ride. Most of the time, it is quite a hustle. I don’t know if movies lie to us but it often seems quite the challenge. SpaceX engineers have been conduction thorough system tests to make sure the space craft is more than ready when the time for launch comes.

Such a huge project will not lack some setbacks here and there. You have to know that not everyone supports this great leap into the future. Some people would rather stay put in this simple reality. Taking on ideas such as space exploration seems like a non-issue to such individuals. But I pray the idea remains strong against hateful opposition. I honestly can’t wait to see the first trip go, maybe I will be aboard. You never know.