Drake blows the bank on custom iPhone case

I’m sure that few of you even know that you can get custom phone cases. I didn’t and I know these things. Well, maybe this just proves that no one can be all-knowing. Apart from God, to the believers out there. We all know Drake, the famous Canadian rapper that’s winning Grammy Awards. Actually, I heard that the Grammy’s cut off his acceptance speech because he said it didn’t mean anything. Yes, he said it. I’ve heard rumors that Drake wasn’t cool with the Grammy organizers but I didn’t know it could escalate like that. Never mind about that, today we talk about his custom iPhone case.

Before I tell you about the case I want you to note that Drake is rich! I heard stories that he had an ATM in his house. How true it is, only he can tell us. Apple custom made the case using real gold and diamonds. Now start imagining how much it cost. Did you know that there was white gold? I had no idea! I just learnt it existed when I read that the case has a section with white gold. Drake’s logo is also printed on the cover, the owl. The owl is what reports say is white gold. Honestly, if you look at it from the picture does that look like a normal white color? Not at all.

How much did the iPhone case cost?

Supposedly, Drake spent $400,000 for the custom iPhone case. I am so angry with this artist right now. I respect that he has the money and he can spend it how he wants however. The value of a guy’s iPhone case can buy my whole family cars. Who does that? Only Drake.

In his song ‘God’s Plan’ he’s shown giving away free money on the streets. There’s a section where a girl gets a car for free, courtesy of the Canadian rapper. I wish that was me.