DJI Mavic 2 Pro Price, Specs And Features

It’s no secret that we’ve been highly anticipating the release of the Mavic 2 Pro and the Mavic 2 Zoom from DJI for several months now. The end of August finally revealed and launched the Mavic Pro 2, which was originally planned to take place on July 18th

Here’s a full rundown of the new Mavic 2 Pro.

Dji Mavic 2 Pro Features and Specs

The DJI Mavic 2 Pro comes with a battery, drone, remote controller, the charger, and 4 pairs of propellers. However, if you choose to upgrade to the Fly More Kit, you’ll be receiving the drone, 2 additional batteries, a multi-battery charging hub, a car charger, a battery for the power bank adapter, 2 pairs of propellers.

Let’s check out the specs and features of the new DJI Mavic 2 Pro.

  • Uses the ultra-precise, 3-axis gimbal-stabilized 4K UHD camera with a 1” CMOS sensor with HNCS technology
  • Up to 8 GB of internal, onboard storage available
  • Features Free, Course Lock, Circle, Waypoint, FlightAutonomy, Hyperlapse, Advanced Pilot Assistance System (APAS), OcuSync 2.0, Sport Mode and ActiveTrack 2.0
  • The maximum flight time of up to 31 minutes
  • Uses the DJI GO 4 Mobile App for certain features, like sharing footage to social media
  • A Bottom Auxiliary Light for automatic detection of low-light situations, detection and precise landings.
  • Dual 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz frequencies
  • A Maximum transmission range of 8 km
  • Maximum speeds of up to 44 mph or 72 km/h
  • New, quieter, efficient propulsion system with noise reducing propellers
  • 10 sensors on each side of the drone for automatic obstacle detection

The Mavic 2 Pro and the Mavic 2 Zoom as expected, do have their differences. For instance, the Mavic 2 Pro has a total of 14 stops of dynamic range, while the Mavic 2 Zoom can only deliver 13 stops of dynamic range.

DJI Mavic 2 Camera

The Mavic 2 camera uses a 1” CMOS sensor with 20 MP, not unlike the camera on the Phantom 4 Pro. The pictures are clear and process easily. You get a sharp and epic wide angle with it. It’s the perfect camera for those who want great photos without the burden of a massive camera.

The First Hasselblad Camera Drone

Color accuracy is enhanced because of the innovative Hasselblad Natural Color Solution, or HNCS, technology from Hasselblad. You get access to additional control with a number of lighting options, thanks to its adjustable aperture from the f/2.8-f/11.

Additionally, it comes with 4K HDR support and you can plug it into your 4K TV with HLG and watch all footage captured using the very color tones, the camera was designed for.

The Mavic 2 Zoom Camera  Specs

The Zoom’s camera comes with double the optical, specifically 24 to 48 mm thus providing double the zoom. You can simulate the effects you’d get from a 96 mm lens, something that’s incredibly valuable for videographers.

Mavic 2 Price

The DJI Mavic 2 Pro currently retails for $1,449 USD, while the DJI Mavic 2 Zoom is priced at $1,249 USD.