Devil May Cry 5 may actually blow your minds as the release date beckons

Devil May Cry has been in the industry for quite a while. It is one of the games that really describe the meaning of open world games. These type of games often make an effort to seem as realistic as possible. For example, being able to see change in weather or just wind is quite the achievement. In terms of development, the task is quite herculean. If you think about all the moving parts that have to come together and sync, you’ll grasp the complexity. End users don’t really care how hard it is to do these things, all they want is value for their money. Rumors of a Devil May Cry 5 release has fans at the edge of their seats.

Devil May Cry is one of the few legitimate game sequels. Since the first one, the game has maintained almost the same story line and characters. In Devil May Cry 5, they have decided to introduce a new character along with new battle features. Compared to the likes of God of War, this game loses because God of War has a deeper more developed plot. I hope they plan on enriching the story line with the addition of a new character. However, most of the time this does quite the opposite.

When will Devil May Cry 5 be released?

Are you ready for the good news? The game comes out on March 8th of this year. That’s less than a month from now. Actually, three weeks is more accurate. Fans have been waiting for long enough. Finally, the time is here. I’m sure most of you fans out there are already thinking about where they’ll get the money to buy the game. A wise gamer would first test drive the downloadable version. These are usually just demos design to give you a feel of the real game. Usually, they don’t have all that the real game does.