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DerbyCon cybersecurity conference has been shut down

Being a very well-known security conference, the shutting down of DerbyCon has caught everyone by surprise. Since 2011, the conference has had a series of successful annual meet ups. The conference is often held in summer. Computer security gurus that had made the habit to attend the conference in a bid to learn from each other will be terribly disappointed. The announcement that 2019 will be it’s last year was made on a blog post. The team expressed how sad it was for them to abandon the culture and hope that they can finish at a high note this year.

Why are they shutting down?

One may assume that they are out of funds since that is usually the case. However, organizers revealed that they raised enough money to facilitate their activities every year. They also admitted that in order to make it better, they had to dig into their own pockets at times. Here are some of the activities they were involved in:

  • They raised money for charity.
  • Helped the homeless.
  • Worked with organizations for hurricane relief in Puerto Rico.

Their blog post spoke of an incident during last years conference that could be the main reason for stopping the whole thing. Apparently, they had to deal with someone who was verbally and mentally abusive to a number of their volunteer staff. It was so bad that they were in tears. The person was not able to be chased out of the conference so as to avoid the resulting repercussions. Online talk suggests that the organizers may be talking about cyber-security enthusiast Lindsey Ledford who had a lot to say on twitter.  She claims to have been speaking against men joking about sexual assault. There is no direct proof that places Lindsey to be our person of interest, but it is hard to ignore all the proof deduced from the blog post.