Daylight Saving Bug Causing Apple Watch Series 4 To Reboot / Restart

A bug with complications on the new Infograph faces in the newly launched Apple Watch Series 4 is a cause of unhappiness for some Watch owners.

Apple just can’t seem to handle Daylight Saving Time (DST) according to 9to5Mac report.

Several users in Australia have just experienced the daylight saving time change and are discovering their Smartwatches are now stuck in endless reboot loops.

Particularly, it seems the massive Activity complication on the Infograph Modular face is not reacting well to the loss of an hour patiently, and instead causing the entire device to crash and reboot over and over again

The Activity complication on the Infograph Modular face creates a timeline graph of the present day, indicating hour-by-hour data for Move calories, Exercise duration, and Stand Hours that make up all the Activity rings.

There are twenty-four hours in a day. Although the exact issue has not yet been diagnosed, it appears that the large Activity complication just cannot handle creating its graph with one of those twenty-four hours missing and causing it to go haywire.

The Watch keeps rebooting itself repeatedly, as long as the Infograph Modular face remains active with the Activity complication. This causes an endless loop as every time the device reboots, it once again tries to re-load the complications, fails, and restarts. This continues in a loop until the watch runs out of battery.

The current hope is that when the date rolls over to tomorrow, the Watch will resume its normal function. As an alternative, some people have had success deleting the Infograph Modular watch face using the companion Watch iPhone app.

Until Apple provides specific instructions, the recommended course of action is to leave the Watch alone and wait it out. There is no use putting it back on the charger as it will just carry on draining the battery and reboot. Leaving it on the charger in this condition is probably not a good idea either for the battery’s long-term health.

The problem so far appears to be restricted to the large Activity complication in the center of the Infograph Modular watch face. And as the Activity complication is a very popular choice for users so the number of users affected by the bug is significant.

The bug is disappointing, particularly after Apple claimed that the fourth-generation dual-core 64-bit SIP chip powering the Series 4 watch would be twice as fast as the S3 chip, which powered the previous-generation Apple Watch.

“The S4 is more than just a processor. It’s a complete System in Package (SiP), with the entire system fabricated onto a single component….. In fact, Apple Watch is the only product in the world that runs completely on a SiP,” Apple said.

The Apple Watch has been a success for the company. Though it isn’t as big of a hit as the iPhone, it still gives Apple a considerable lead over other watch brands.

When announcing the new Apple Watch Series 4 just weeks ago, CEO Tim Cook highlighted this, saying, “Apple Watch is not only the No. 1 smartwatch in the world, it’s the No. 1 watch, period.”

After these claims, Apple, of course, will need to up their game and release a bug-fix software update as soon as possible to stop this glitch from repeating once again. Most of Europe change their clocks on the last Sunday of October and the USA DST changeover is usually the 4th of November, so Apple still has a few days to sort out this issue before it affects its biggest markets.