Could iPad mini 5 support both Apple pencil and smart keyboard?

Apple fans are really looking forward to 2019. There is a lot of buzz on what they are up to this year. We’ve recently posted about their triple camera technology. iPhone has always had cutting-edge cameras. I have a friend with Apple’s iPhone 8, every time she posts a photo on Snapchat I ask her if we’re still in the same school. Supposedly, they have added refreshing the iPad mini on their to do list. Lovers of the iPad will be happy to hear that the new release will support both the Apple pencil and Smart keyboard.

These rumors are not new to us, we’ve heard about Apple planning to refresh the iPad mini recently. They seem to have a lot on their plate. In other news, they are receiving heat for not opting to do away with their notch. As companies such as Samsung and Oppo do away with theirs, iPhone users seem to want in on the fun. However, the only hardware change noted so far is the switch in camera position. Reports say that the camera will be at the central top position on the iPhone 11. Abandoning their somewhat hallmark top-left position. Up to date, every iPhone device’s camera is at the top-left corner at the back.

Leaks suggest that the iPad mini 5 will be available in two sizes. The bigger version thought to be a replacement for the 9.7-inch iPad. I have a little cousin that enjoys playing games on the iPad mini 3 they have lying around in the house. Wait till she hears that Apple is refreshing the series. The Apple pencil was previously exclusive to the iPad Pro. I wonder whether a iPad Pro’s Apple pencil can work on the iPad mini 5 when it comes out. I’ll make sure to conduct the experiment and get back to you.

With analytics already showing signs of the iOS 13, it’s sad to hear that the iPad mini 5 will have iOS 12.2. Considering that the device is scheduled to be released early this year, I understand. However, anything is possible and things might change. We will have my ears on the ground for any developments on the story.