Concepts of a foldable iPhone x begin to go public, here’s a sneak peek

Can you imagine a foldable iPhone X? I mean, the device is already cutting-edge with its present features. At CES 2019, Samsung stunned the world with their foldable phone prototype. It wasn’t really complete but it was almost at it’s prime. Recently there have been reports that Samsung will release a Galaxy Fold series. I can’t wait to see how it looks, I hope the hinges can’t be seen. It seems other companies have started to copy their approach with Apple hot on their heels. The Chinese companies will also not be left behind with rumors of Xiaomi developing one as well.

In recent times, Apple has been accused of only being in it for the money. Is this another means to leach users? I’m sure the foldable iPhone X will hit markets going for around $2000. A price too high for the average citizen. However, we all know that there are fanatics that will even pre-order it. It’s amazing what years of dedicated service can throw your way. Over the years Apple has established itself as one of the leaders in the tech industry. Visionary leaders and keeping up with the trends has been their most profound strategy. How can you compete with that?

Does the market really need a foldable iPhone X?

Personally, the only reason I would buy the phone is to show it off to my friends. I don’t think I need my phone to fold, unless they can show us how it helps us in real life situations I’m not convinced. However, my vote is just one out of 6 billion. The probability that most people are with me is just too little for us to be sure. Apple being such a huge company has obviously hired data scientists to do the calculations for them. I hope they do their job well.