Cinema HD 1.4.3 having problems with FireStick

Streaming services have been on high demand as users look for alternatives. When Netflix hit the markets, people that can afford the subscriptions have really praised it. ‘Hustlers’ that look for the free streaming services have however had a rough time. Back in November of last year, ShowBox really disappointed it’s users and many of them were on the hunt for an alternative. Cinema HD was among the choices. On their website, the company has promised fans that it allows streaming of both Movies and TV shows. On top of that, they stated that the service will never shut down and it is completely free of use. What sweet words, I’m already wooed. But can they back it up? Everyone can make promises, keeping them is what’s hard for most people.

Cinema HD version 1.4.3 has however been down for FireStick users. So much for never being down. But maybe there is a reasonable explanation behind it. The previous version worked perfectly with FireStick. Uninstalling then installing the application is supposed to do the trick, but it doesn’t. Every FireStick user seems to be getting a parsing error when they try to update the application.

Conventionally, updates on applications should have teams from both platforms in question. For example, if WhatsApp wanted to release a new version, they would have to be sure that Android is on board.

Remedy for the parsing error on Cinema HD

This problem is proving to be quite widespread since a lot of users are looking for workarounds. Luckily, the technology world is quite malleable. Whenever a problem arises, be sure there is a solution and someone will find it. Via Reddit, a user shared a remedy that helps you skip the update. First, one has to have the downloader app on FireStick. Open it and type the following link

Have you come around the same problem on the new version release, tell us how you worked around it in the comment section below. To those who applied the above method, tell us if it worked for you.