Chinese ditching iPhones: Trade war effect?

Huawei has been on an upward curve in recent times. Many believed they were on the way to finally stand up to Apple and Samsung. However, this seems to have not been in the cards for the Chinese company. Donald Trump recently announced that they were having a trade and technology conflict. This means that Huawei has been shut out of any American components that they used. One of the major highlights will be the fact that Android will no longer be seen on Huawei devices. We recently published an article that talked about Huawei developing an OS. If you didn’t read it you can get it here. As a result of being kicked out of Google, there seems to be a case of Chinese ditching iPhones. A sort of nationalistic movement to support their homegrown Huawei.

Nationalism kicking in as Trade war ensues

We all should feel support more of what we have at home that what we get from abroad. As a result of the Chinese ditching iPhones, Apple is said to take a hit. Being that China has such a large population, a lot of Apple’s userbase was found there. And also, most of the assembling was done there. A while back we posted about Apple coming up with an assembly base in India. Could it be that they foretold this problem? If China banned Apple products from their region the company would take a huge hit in terms of sales. In fact, Apple’s stock graph has been plummeting since this whole story began.

A lot of people are switching to the Huawei P30 Pro. This devi9ce even has a better camera than the iPhones in the market at the moment. The Huawei P30 pro dethroned the Galaxy S10 Plus from the top of the camera food chain. Zooming using phones has always been a problem. The more you zoom, the picture gets worse in terms of quality. And who wants that? Yes, nobody. However, Huawei had made this a problem of the past by improving its camera. So instead of shutting them out of trade deals, the US should be learning from these tech gurus.

It is more than obvious that the Chinese ditching iPhones are as a result of the on-going trade war. At the end of the day, both the US and China will suffer. So why not just make peace? Trump has labeled Huawei technology very dangerous in terms of security. We don’t know exactly what this means but it is definitely not good news. Let’s just hope that Huawei will still stand strong and come up with that OS they so desperately need.