CarBridge for iOS 12 Jailbreak wait is finally over to CarPlay fans delight

Apple as we have said time and time again have a lot of products under development. The patent on facial recognition for cars should go to show how serious this is. Who thought they were even remotely interested in such a venture? However, foldable technology should be at the top of their to-do list. Already companies like Samsung and Xiaomi are ahead of them in this field. I wouldn’t have guessed that a day would come when I could say that Xiaomi are ahead of Apple in something. The popular jailbreak tweak called CarBridge is our topic of discussion today. The tweak is for anyone with a jailbroken device and also uses CarPlay system in their cars.

Recently, the tweak was made to work not only with iOS 12. Before this update it only worked with iOS 11. This is a step in the right direction. The CarPlay functionality has come in handy for a lot of users considering how bored people get in cars sometimes. Personally, I can’t imagine driving without music. Car manufacturers have began to put the CarPlay feature in cars as default. No longer do you have to look for a new head unit that supports the functionality. Just make sure that when you decide to buy your next car you check to see whether it supports the technology.

What advantages that CarBridge bring to a user?

CarPlay is a really dynamic entertainment system. Conventionally, we all know how restricted Apple products are. They offer good service but it is usually hard to tweak it to your preference. However, with CarBridge the game changes. Users are able to mirror applications they have on their phones to the head unit. If for example I have spotify on my iOS 12, it is now possible for me to mirror it on my car head unit. I love this industry! I mean, this is such a brilliant invention. No one user specified this requirement but the developers just read our minds. I wonder what machine they use to do it. I’d buy one.