2020 BMW M3 Spotted In Spy Shot Images

BMW unveiled their seventh-generation 3 Series Sedan last week in Paris, with 320i and 330i models available at the launch along with the diesel-fueled 318d, 320d / 320d xDrive, and 330d. Now it’s been spotted at Nürburgring and appeared to be a slightly more evolved prototype since it showed the production-spec LED headlights.

The M340i xDrive was also revealed and featured in many images and videos, but it won’t be added to the range until next year. Leaked images revealed the larger-than-life brake discs, traditional M division quad-tailpipe exhausts and other go-faster paraphernalia reminiscent of five earlier generations of M3.

2020 BMW m3

The new M3 promises to be lighter than ever before. It will also be well balanced than before, not to mention, more agile and fun to drive.

Under the hood, the newly unveiled BMW M3 is said to have an S58 engine, which is an M-ified version of the brilliant B58 engine usually found in most BMWs at the moment. The newer engine is rumored to allegedly make around 475 hp and be highly efficient. It’s expected to be powered from a new inline-six 3.0-liter engine packing a twin-turbo setup which will create upwards of 450PS with an extra package that will unleash more than 500PS that the engine is actually capable of. This one will be sure to look out for.

The small rivets, however, can still be seen on the car’s body, providing extra layers of camouflage to better hide the M3’s actual design. Nonetheless, it’s easy to spot the fat wheel arches at the front and rear axles hinting that the sports sedan will get wider tracks. There is also a subtle bootlid spoiler and the trademark quad exhaust system of an M car.

The durability, fuel efficiency and CO2 emissions of the car will require it to include a particulate filter, a 48-volt electrical system, and mild hybridization, a coasting mode in its most eco setting, a start/stop system that will cut the engine significantly sooner and the water injection which was first introduced in the M4.

We don’t know for sure yet when they will introduce the M3 but the BMW M340i xDrive should make its first debut by mid of 2019.