Bluetooth Improves the Location Accuracy Down to Centimeters

Bluetooth has been a never-ending revolution over the years. Since the technology was launched, a lot of new tech has been built on it’s back. It has formed the foundation of a lot that is good with the world today. From music systems to robotics, the list it long. Recently, it has received a new specification update. Reports indicate that the update heightens accuracy. In some instances, it takes so long for my phone to locate a music system around me. I hope that the new update will solve this problem for me.

Bluetooth v5.1 will supposedly be almost ten times faster than it’s predecessors. Boasting with accuracy of about 10 centimeters, quite impressive for the technology. There was a time when the only way to share music with a friend was through Bluetooth, it was quite a hustle. Not to mention a thousand times slower than the modern day Xender method. The announcement was made by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group.

Over the years, Bluetooth has been incorporated in a lot of industries. The technology does not only apply to computers and smartphones.

Where else can Bluetooth be applied ?

The new update in particular would suit large warehousing perfectly. Each package can be marked with a Bluetooth ID tag to locate it on the system interface. In a bid to achieve efficiency, such an automated system would have to be very accurate. In such systems, there is only room for so little errors. Hence the release of the v5.1.

I can’t help but to imagine an airport luggage system based on this concept. The tags we talked about would be placed on every bag. This way, when a bag is misplaced it can be tracked easily. It would be wise if the tags were not conspicuous, to guard against thieves. However, for such a system to work efficiently the accuracy has to cutting-edge. Let’s wait and see if the Bluetooth v5.1 will achieve this.