Bitcoin Blackmailing by impostors posing to be from the CIA

Cryptocurrency has got a lot of recognition in recent times. Bitcoin is the most recognized of them all. If you haven’t heard about it then you need to start being logged on more. There was a time I tried to trade it, the fluctuating prices didn’t do me much justice. However, it is good to note that fraudsters have seen an opportunity to take advantage of the system through this. The good or bad thing about cryptocurrency is that it is hard to trace. So if you send someone bitcoin worth a certain amount, it is really hard to get it back if you wanted to. Which brings us to the Bitcoin blackmailing that has been going on. Apparently, people posing to be from the CIA are coning people out of $10000.

It’s sad to see how easy it is to run this con. Because the bitcoin account is completely untraceable. The IP address was also well masked. These people knew what they were doing, it wasn’t a gamble for them. It is said that conmen are always very smart. Taking advantage of people’s ignorance is not easy to do. One, you have to be able to forge legit-looking information. In the Bitcoin blackmailing issue, we’re talking about today was done through emails. I have to say that I also might have fallen for it. The CIA crest was included in the email, a factor that makes it really believable.

How did the pull it off?

Supposedly, the email lied that the recipients were involved in an ongoing investigation. Naturally, no one wants to get such an email. So the first response from the recipient most of the time will be fear and secrecy. The case in question was claiming the recipients were pedophiles. Personally, I wouldn’t have told a soul about this. This is the part where it gets interesting. There was an option of making it all going away. To do this, one was expected to transfer $10,000 in bitcoin to a given bitcoin account.

At this point, their spidey senses should have been triggered. But when your head is clouded by fear, it is hard to see clearly. A second opinion on the matter would have definitely exposed the scam. Anyone could have fallen for this, however. I hope something is being done to catch the culprits.