Best iPhone XS Max Cases And Covers [LIST]

The iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max are available now and we’ve got plenty of cases to choose from already and a lot more on the way.

So, here’s a handy guide to select the perfect case that will protect your pricey phones and be compatible with wireless charging at the same time.

Tech21 Pure shimmer

The latest edition of Tech21 to its Pure lineup offers some protection for your iPhone XS Max without obstructing its striking exterior. The new Pure Shimmer case features Tech21’s innovative Bullet impact material for absorbing blows in case your phone takes a tumble. The case also boasts a thin design that won’t increase bulk to Apple’s supersized iPhone. And you can choose either pink or blue to give your iPhone an iridescent hue. All for a price tag of $40.

UAG Metropolis

UAG Metropolis by Urban Armor Gear is a folio case that’s been particularly designed to both safeguard your iPhone XS Max and also provide some space to carry cash, credit cards, and ID cards when you’re out about town. The case is equipped with an impact-resistant core and has a felt-lined coverage for all-over protection. Also, it’s water-resistant, so you can walk fearlessly through the rain.


Bellroy’s $45 Phone Cases for the iPhone XS Max, will make sure that Apple’s big-screen device flashes some vibrancy too, whether it’s the coral model or the four other options available (graphite, navy,  caramel, and a more traditional black). The Bellroy cases aren’t just about color. They comprise a blend of environment-friendly and sustainable leather and polymer, not to mention a microfiber lining cocoons your XS Max when it’s encased in the super slim case. The case even comes with a three-year warranty.

Silk Nudist Clear Case

If you’re someone who appreciates the aesthetic of your iPhone XS Max design and doesn’t want to hide its perfection, consider the Silk Nudist Clear Case. As the name might suggest, the case is transparent, so you can see the design inside. It has a cover for the buttons as well which will enhance the “tactile click response,” according to Silk. The Silk Nudist Clear Case is one of the cheapest options available for $14.99.

Mous iPhone XS Max Limitless 2.0

The slim-fitting, Mous iPhone XS Max Limitless 2.0 case comes in your choice of walnut, carbon fiber, bamboo and more. It incorporates a technology called AiroShock which basically builds small air pockets into the case that absorb the energy of an impact when your iPhone XS Max is dropped. Mous took it seriously and even tested it against a hammer to ensure the efficiency. The Limitless 2.0 held its own. The $59.99 case also features magnets in the shell that enables you to attach it to a magnetic phone holder or other accessories.

Lifeproof Slam

The Lifeproof Slam is on the higher spectrum of case pricing at $50. But for that price, you’ll get a case that consists of a thick barrier around the spine to ensure phone safety. On the rear, like the Silk Nudist case, it’s clear so you can see the iPhone XS Max’s color from the exterior. It’s compatible with wireless charging and fall-proof.