Best drones in the market this 2019 discussed here

When they were first launched, I didn’t think they would be this hot. Drones were completely ignored for a time till people started to specialize them to suit their requirements. Drones can be used for various reasons – photography and army purposes being among them. Today we will discuss a few of the best drones available in the market this 2019.

Holy Stone HS170

This is one of the more affordable gadgets designed for beginners or kids. These things may seem easy to fly but you’d do well to read the manual first. I’ve read about how wrong it can go. One of it’s highlight features is the fact that it is headless. One cannot tell which side is the back and front. The battery life is not really impressive but as I said the gadget is designed for beginners.

Syma X5SW-V3

Here we have another model designed for beginners in the field. If you’ve never used these devices don’t feel ashamed starting with the beginner models. However, this one has a camera module. So if you’d like to make a production or take awesome photos this is your go-to. It has a downloadable app that helps you see a video of the view from the drone’s perspective. The cons of this device is that the remote range is quite short plus the battery life is very poor as well.

Holy Stone F181W

This is a little more advanced compared to the first two. Recommended for users with intermediate skills. This one has a 720p camera along with a 120 degree field of view. It is not really equipped for professional purposes but it is able to take casual photos for your own enjoyment. Since it has a built-in Wi-Fi module you can see what your drone sees through your smartphone.

Syma X20

This is another model dedicated to beginners and kids. When I was young I always imagined having a remote helicopter instead of a remote car. Everyone had remote cars. If only this technology was available then. This model is so small that it can fit on the palm of you hand. Although it lacks professional attributes such as the camera module, it has features that may come in use. For example, a one-click landing and take-off feature that helps a beginner get the hang of things. It being headless helps beginners orient themselves with directions. However, one should avoid crashing the device as it is not exactly durable. The flying range is also not that impressive. If you’re looking for a kid’s prize, we have a winner!