Best 5 foldable phones to release in 2019

2019 seems to have a lot in store for us in the phones industry. Improvements in technology have made possibilities almost endless. Big shots such as Apple and Samsung will obviously be on the scene. However, there has not been talk of a foldable device by Apple. They seem to be more motivated to reduce the size of their notch. In CES 2019, Samsung showed their foldable device prototype. Although reports say that they still have a lot to do before they perfect it, it still shows huge progress in the field. We know of 5 phone companies releasing devices that we shall discuss here. They are:

  • Samsung Galaxy X

As we said in the beginning, Samsung is always on the fore-front of phone technology. The technology is rumored to entail a series of intricate hinges to facilitate the folding. Therefore, will cost a lot in production. So start saving up if you want to own this revolutionary device. The device might hit markets going for $1400.

  • Motorola razr 2019

The iconic razr series is hard to forget. At a time when phone designs were blunt and simple, theirs was the best. The legendary flip phone will be back in markets soon. Inside the flip phone, the screen will again be foldable. Fans are looking forward to seeing the return of the Motorola Razr. Will they disappoint? I think not.


The phone’s concept describes a phone that can be folded in half from tablet size. Compared to the Samsung Galaxy X , the camera will be embedded on the back of one half. LG has always tried to keep up with Samsung as best they can. Is this the year they make a real stance against them? Only time will tell.


The Chinese company has slowly been climbing the ranks. Xiaomi MIX Flex will apparently have a different fold design. However, this may be the edge they need. Will we see them finally overtake Oppo and Samsung? Anything is possible.


Huawei never wants to be left behind in anything new on phones – dual-lens, wireless charging. A video of the Huawei Mate X is available on YouTube. It shows the foldable design that is meant to keep users away from laptops. Will they succeed? For me, the keyboard will decide.

Foldable phones seem to be quite an achievement considering all the buzz it’s causing. I still don’t understand how they’ll make the crystals bend and still achieve optimum display. Any developments on the matter will be posted here.