Bank of Philippines throws OTP error

The modern age has automated everything. Developments in technology have helped a lot of industries work faster and more efficiently. The banking industry for example, there used to be everlasting long lines before technology saved the day. People used to go a and make lines just to ask for their account balance or even just to make sure everything is in order. However, there came rise to smartphones and applications that can help with this. Banking apps are one of the most commonly owed apps. Everyone wants to keep track of their money. The Bank of Philippines has been experiencing issues with their application however, here is the story.

What is the problem?

The traffic such applications work under can cause faults in the system sometimes. Nothing is perfect really. Therefore, when reports of users unable to surpass the OTP come in, it is not a surprise. While making any transactions using the application, the OTP screen is a step that needs to be surpassed before a transaction is complete. The Bank of Philippines app however is taking a really long time to load, then it displays an error. The loading time in itself is poor. Their developers should get to the base of the problem before the lines we had all forgotten start coming back. Or users could just delete the app, and join a new bank. Something they will be keen to avoid.

We have seen similar issues in the past. NewPipe is also an application that has been stressing users. Is this a trend? I sure hope not.

The only positive part about this story is that the Bank of Philippines has acknowledged the problem. Through their Twitter profile, they have been posting replies to complaining users. The reply is obviously brief and formal, no details as to why this is happening were provided. Nor did they specify how long the glitch will last. What good service!

I pity anyone that had urgent use of the application. Imagine needing some money urgently and the application has always been your go-to, personally I would have deleted the application and moved on to better services. But who can offer one hundred percent efficiency in this business? Yes, no one.