Backward compatibility on PlayStation 5 deemed possible by new patent

Sony’s PlayStation has been a real revolution in the gaming world. Since the release of PS 1, the community has grown considerably. We all need something to do during our free time. Some of us like to go bike-riding, while some of us like just laying back and playing video games. In the beginning, there was SEGA. The video game seemed really exciting at the time, now it feels like it was made in the stone age. The likes of PS 4 and Xbox one are what the market has to offer presently. Over the years, we’ve seen Microsoft and Sony go at it. The battle is still quite fierce with both consoles offering quite the experience. Sony’s PlayStation 5 is however already causing a buzz in the media.

Backward Compatibility In PlayStation 5

Backward compatibility is the ability of a console to play games from a previous console generation. For example, if the PS4 could play PS 3 games, we would say that it was backward compatible. However, the developers of the game were not able to apply this on the PS 4 or PS 4 Pro. But according to the patent designed by PS4 lead architect, Mark Cerny, this feature will be in the PlayStation 5.

How does it do it?

The machine will supposedly be able to run software from legacy devices. By legacy devices we mean the predecessors – PS4, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 2 and the almost forgotten PSone. I wonder whether Sony knew they would come this far when they released the PSone. But to make it this far, they have to have been dreaming even bigger dreams. So far, they are doing well. This feature will work through an idea called ‘processor ID spoofing’ – it allows the PlayStation 5 to mimic the behavior of older hardware. This will enable games to launch on the new machine. A question of whether or not the graphics from a PS 2 game will improve is a matter we will have to wait a bit longer to get to the bottom of.

From recent reports, we know the release date for the machine is 2020. Fans around the globe can’t wait for the device to hit markets. Supposedly, the PlayStation 5 will be approximately $500. Getting PS 3 games to play on the new console will prove quite the task. It is well known that this particular make was quite complex and will need some work making the games compatible. Express your thoughts on the matter below as we keep you posted on developments.