Backward compatibility appears in another sony patent of the PlayStation 5

Sony has done well for itself over the last decade. With products such as the play stations, who’s not in love? I had their phone devices once and it served me really well. The camera was really good at a time when companies like Oppo hadn’t come up. Its hard to imagine a Sony device having a better camera than the F9 or F7, to mention but a few. However, that’s not the topic of discussion today. Today we focus on the rumors about backward compatibility on the play station 5. This isn’t the first time we’ve heard about this. Is it true through?

How is Sony planning to achieve backward compatibility?

As we know, Sony has really good developers. And whatever they touch turns to gold, if we are to take the last few years into account. The play station 4 graphics literally blew my mind. I never thought they could make Neymar look so real. His celebration on FIFA is exactly what he does in real life. Back to the main discussion, bus interfaces and differences in operations is how they’ll do it. Sony is set to augment bus performance and bandwidth according to the concept. Knowing concepts are subject to change, let’s keep our minds open.

There is no doubt that Sony can achieve backward compatibility on the Play Station 5(set to hit markets in 2021). It will be foolish to doubt them after all they have achieved. You know, sometimes I wonder whether technology will ever stop growing, developing. Companies like Sony prove that the curve will never flatten, it looks more likely to steepen.

Can you imagine how good a feature backward compatibility would be? Being able to play play station 3 games on the new console. I told my cousin about this the other day and he brought up a real interesting point of view. What will be the point of buying games? Won’t Sony incur losses because anybody would choose the cheaper Play Station 4 games any day? I couldn’t answer the boy, I just told him that there are some who’ll buy the games without flinching. Those are the guys Sony is depending on, will they be enough though? Time will tell. Feel free to convey your thoughts in the section below.