Artificial Intelligence creating fake people’s images in two seconds

The best thing about Artificial Intelligence is that it’s still growing. The room for growth is quite vast if you imagine how developers plan to get AI technology at. It’s sad to say that one day these robots will put us out of our jobs. I just hope these guys don’t teach them to code. That way once I’m done with school I can get a job. A developer named Philip Wang recently made a website that generates faces of fake people. The images look like it’s real people but in real sense they do not exist. Quite amusing don’t you think?

NVIDIA has recently released a research on creating an infinite number of fake images. According to reports, the developer used the research as reference material. I believe the world needs more people like Philip Wang. Artificial Intelligence might one day be our bus drivers on the flying cars. I’m sure this sounds quite impossible now but so did airpods ten years ago. Furthermore, I keep saying we’re already in the future so that people realize that anything is possible. The verge explained that what makes the algorithm so accurate is the fact that it was trained on a very huge data set. Machines learn like us, the more data they consume the more they ‘know’.

Pros and Cons of Artificial Intelligence applied in this way

On the up side, companies like Sony can benefit a lot from this. I tend to believe that future games will have almost real graphics. Isn’t this a means to that end? If the games we play on Xbox and Play Station consoles can apply such products it would be very cool. I can’t imagine playing God of War with real life graphics. I don’t think I’ll sleep at night, honestly.

Another factor to consider is that this product can be used for scams. A guy just generates several pictures of real looking people and says he has a company. Since the people look so real and authentic, you’ll have no reason to doubt him. Nonetheless, there’s always a downside to any story.