Apple’s iOS 13 devices spotted in latest Analytics reports

It is not a surprise to hear that the biggest phone company is already thinking so much ahead. It is visionaries like these we need in this world. Visits on MacRumors website from devices running the iOS 13 show that Apple has been working on it for the past few months. The first sighting was October of last year. Since then, a lot of work to develop the device has surely been going on.

Devices with the new operating system have been increasing in number since then. Visits slowed down in December but obviously due to the holidays. Now that people are back to work, the curve should steepen. Apple always starts development of new versions of iOS many months in advance. This means that we might have to wait longer before they release a statement about the technology.

Details about the iOS 13 are already sipping in. There were several iOS 12 features that were abandoned to give time for perfections. Surely we shall see them in the next version. The new features are supposedly aimed at iPad users. We recently posted an article about the rumored iPad releases this year. Among them is:

  • Revamped files app
  • In-app tabs to enable users to open multiple windows of the same app. This is going to decrease chances of bugs and apps crashing.
  • Support for using the same up in Slip View multitasking mode.
  • Expanded photo management features. Maybe now iOS users won’t need to download photo editing applications’
  • A new messages hub has also been rumored to be among the new features.
  • Dark mode is also going to be enabled. We saw this feature with the new Windows 10 release, seems to be a trend in the game.
  • An option to hide or remove the dock.
  • Settings to select default mail.

Apple will give fans a sneak peek into heir latest developments when they host the annual Worldwide Developers Conference. Normally the conference happens during the first few weeks of June. The world awaits!