Apple WWDC 2019 event dates starts getting whispered around

Apple’s world wide developers conference has been a destination for most developers in recent years. Developers from around the globe come to attend the conference. The event gives Apple the opportunity to show what they have been working on. In terms of both software and hardware. Personally, I can’t wait to see what this big shot has in store for us this year. If we know something, we know that Apple is not planning to disappoint its users. After having such a dull close of 2018, the company will be looking forward to making amends this year. Apple WWDC 2019 is rumored to take place come June of this year.

Supposedly, Apple has set dates from 3rd through to 7th. The coveted company releases a bunch of other products apart from phones. The macOS is a good example. I’m sure users can’t wait to see what is in store for them this new year. There have been whispers about softwares that have needed updates for a while now. Being as resourceful as they are, they might decide to do away with the glitchy software and develop a whole new one. But do they have the capital for this? In recent times, Apple has been doing it’s best to maximize on profits and not product efficiency. I hope the Apple WWDC 2019 will see an end to this.

Apple WWDC 2019 major talking points

There has been talks about the new iOS release, iOS 13. Apparently it will feature the long-awaited dark mode. If the reports are true then users can’t wait to hear more about it at the conference. Conventionally, Apple releases its flagship for the year somewhere around September. So the conference could not have been at a better time.

I wonder whether they have prepared a iPhone 11 prototype. The revamping of the iPad home screen also is being looked forward to. Both users and developers can’t wait to see the revamped design. They better have done a better job because I’m running out of positives about the company.