Apple wins a battle against Jailbreaks as iTunes Beta gets an upgrade

Apple is almost the biggest player in the game. Samsung is the only company that comes close to matching their finesse. Users around the world cannot wait to see what Apple has in store for them this year. Recent reports about the iPhone 11 has the community really excited. We saw the release of the revolutionary airpods that has received a bit of heat from American users. Personally, I think it’s good that they are trying to be original. Today we will talk about how the company has won a battle against jailbreaks. The only way to install older iOS versions was through iTunes. On the recent iOS beta, this is not possible.

How did they do it in the past?

The ability to manually select an IPSW file has been disabled completely. This means that anyone trying to restore an Apple device will have to use the current shipping version of iOS. Recently, we posted an article on Jailbreaks. They are a sort of life line to some open source privileges. The main difference between iOS and Android devices is the limitations one of them imposes on it’s users. First of all, the fact that I have to buy most applications is already quite the disadvantage. Android’s store also has apps you need to pay for, but there is always a free one doing the same thing.

Will Jailbreaks find a way around this constraint? Highly likely. The world of technology is one that evolves quite fast. Jailbreaks might find a way back as soon as tomorrow. The main advantage of having a Jailbreak is the extra features it comes with. For example, most streaming services are available to Jailbreaks. The popularity gained by streaming services has made them become quite hard to come by. I believe the service should be free, but that’s just me. Companies such as Netflix wouldn’t agree with me at all.