Apple Will Live Stream Its iPad Pro 3 Event On October 30th

After months of anticipation built over upcoming Apple products, a media event is all set for October to unveil a hoard of new Apple devices. We can expect to see the new iPad Pro tablets, the rumored airpods 2 and possibly a new Mac unveiled at the event.

“There’s More in the Making,” is the official tagline for the Apple launch event. Which is pretty self-explanatory;  that they are not yet done making tech creations and there’s plenty more in store.

Good news for those who can’t attend the high profile event though, Apple will be live-streaming the launch event once more. So mark your calendars for October 30th all you gadget geeks!

There’s a high possibility that the iPad Pro being unveiled at the event will have the following features, according to a 9to5Mac report.

The devices will ditch the home button in favor of Face ID. The bigger tablets will combine Apple’s TrueDepth camera system in its bezel instead of carrying over the “notch” aesthetic which was introduced with iPhone X.

The new tablets will apparently be supporting 4K HDR output to TVs and external monitors over an integrated USB-C port. A new panel in the Settings menu will provide control over brightness, resolution and HDR options, the report says. Previous rumors have also suggested that Apple intends to replace Lightning with USB-C as it aims to support higher bandwidth applications.

Another new speculation from the report claims that Apple is not only looking to update its Smart Connector to what they call a “Magnetic Connector,” but will also relocate the port to the back of the iPad. The new connector will apparently support new accessories beyond the regular keyboard, though the report didn’t mention what other additions are expected.

Reliable sources confirmed this year’s model identifiers as “iPad8,1,” “iPad8,2,” “iPad8,5” and “iPad8,6” for Wi-Fi only and “iPad8,1,” “iPad8,4,” “iPad8,7” and “iPad8,8” for cellular-enabled versions. There could possibly be two different screen-sizes available for the display, with a Wi-Fi only and Wi-Fi +

The other Apple product that may come as a surprise at the event could be the Apple airpods 2.

Apple AirPods 2


Apple’s EarPods have retained the same classic white for years now, and the AirPods followed the same design. However, after seeing the Apple watch come in a wide range of colors, we can maybe expect to see the same for the upcoming AirPods.

A new leaked image did indicate one minor change to the AirPower charging case though, an external LED. This would be useful to know when the case is fully charged. Other than that the design isn’t likely much to change.


A Bloomberg report suggests that the second-gen 2018 AirPods will be equipped with an upgraded wireless chip and allow the user to summon Siri just by saying ‘Hey Siri’, other feature details have been scarce.

Biometric sensors

Apple is indeed a pioneer when it comes to biometric sensors, implementing a bunch of health and security features like a heart-rate monitor, Face ID and Touch ID into their Apple Watch and the iPhone, so this one should be no exception.

Automated audio pass-through

The AirPods cancel external noise when listening to music, but enable it to pass through when it detects that you’re running. This proved to be more efficient than existing methods of noise cancellation, which normally involve mixing in an ambient sound from the external microphones.

A speaker hybrid

Apple patented this in 2011, but it was only implemented back in February 2017. The patent explains how headphones can be converted into speakers by activating special sensors that can detect when the headphones are placed at a particularly specific angle. However, it is unlikely to be seen since the AirPods are so small.

Though there’s been no official news about the AirPods 2 apart from a video, the rumors have been bubbling under the surface and could finally resurface officially.

AirPods 2, could retail at the same price as the current model.

Other than the aforementioned products a new Mac mini could be making an appearance as well but we’ll know for sure on October 3oth live from New York City.