Apple Watch Series 5 will supposedly have the sleep tracking functionality

Exercise is a very important part of our lives. Without it we can’t be healthy. This is why a morning jog is always recommended by doctors. Furthermore, it helps relieve a lot of stress. A lot of people have testified to thinking clearer while they’re at the gym. A gym membership isn’t expensive nowadays, with average income you can comfortably afford one. However, if you are one of the lazy guys who need constant monitoring technology has got you. Apple Watch series 5 is enabled with even sleep tracking functionality. I find this quite amusing knowing how hard it is to implement.

Apart fro the Apple Watch series 5, there are other fitbits designed to meet your workout needs. So the list is long for laziness workarounds. The watch can function even as an alarm to wake you up for the morning jog. Although some of us may be comfortable just using our phones. However, sometimes you need to charge your phone and the only socket is too far away. There is the option of moving the whole bedroom, but why do that when you can buy a simple watch to solve your problems. Some of them even keep track of the number of calories you’ve burnt in the day. Along with number of steps made and distance covered.

Apple Watch Series 5 sleep tracking functionality

How we sleep is really important for our health. A person that gets a good night sleep is expected to function more efficiently compared to the opposite. Ever had one of those late nights to beat deadlines or finish assignments? The morning after always buries you in almost 4 cups of coffee just to feel alive. Or is it just me? The Apple Watch Series 5 will be capable of tracking how good or bad your sleep is. I find this quite amazing because then you are more conscious of what is happening with your body.