Apple to launch Netflix like Game Streaming Subscription

Being one of the largest tech companies in the world, Apple has a huge amount of resources. Resources they have gathered over years of struggle and sweat. Truly, nothing comes easy in this world. With this their potential seems to be over the roof. If there is something good in technology world, something people like and talk about, Apple have it. Gaming has been one of the best pass times for a long time. Some people even consider it a hobby. My Kikuyu mother has strong words for this flock. However, Apple seems to have located a niche. They plan to bring Apple game streaming on board as one of their new projects. The new service will resemble the Netflix streaming subscription.

Recent reports have indicated that the camera technology for their 2019 device release is their greatest conquest at the moment. I beg to differ. Cameras will always improve, it is inevitable. Chinese company Oppo has shown that by their swift rise to power. It did not take them that long to achieve such great resolution , proving my point. The great people or communities keep in touch with trends and work around them. Gaming is really trending, no one hasn’t heard of games like Fortnite. Soon, it will be a culture for some people even. The Apple game streaming idea might turn out to be the real deal. If it is implemented with finesse of course, something quite familiar to them.

Can Apple exploit this niche?

In 2018, Apple had been rumored to be talking to developers about application subscriptions. Many however thought that it just a ploy to make more money. Imagine if an application like WhatsApp had subscriptions. The application has more than one billion downloads on the store, the money generated from monthly subscriptions would be outrageous. But this was not their plan. There is a Viking saying that says Never assume to understand what a King wants. 

It is however good to note that once Apple establish this idea, they will still make money. Millions of users will subscribe every month without fail because of the years of good service Apple has shown. Sadly, all this is subject to change as always. Use of words such as might by our sources indicate that this might never even come to pass. It may remain a dream no one ever achieved. But make no mistake in assuming Apple is not capable of bringing the Apple game streaming idea to life. At this point, almost anything is possible for them.