Apple Teases Airpods 2: What’s the release date?

AirPods happen to be one of the biggest hits in the Tim Cook era of Apple, despite facing a lot of ridicule when their predecessors – the OG AirPods, first unveiled in 2016. And it seems we’re being teased by Apple with a new pair of AirPods. A second generation true wireless earbuds are rumored to be in the works, with a longer battery life, hands-free ‘Hey Siri” option, and water resistance after a video surfaced in September.

So what do we know so far about the AirPods 2 and when are they releasing? Read on to find out everything we know.

AirPods 2 design

Apple’s EarPods have retained the same classic white for years now, and the AirPods followed the same design. However, after seeing the Apple watch come in a wide range of colors, we can maybe expect to see the same for the upcoming AirPods.

A new image does indicate one minor change to the AirPower charging case though, an external LED. This would be useful to know when the case is fully charged. Other than that the design isn’t likely much to change.

AirPods 2 features

A Bloomberg report suggests that the second-gen 2018 AirPods will be equipped with an upgraded wireless chip and allow the user to summon Siri just by saying ‘Hey Siri’, other feature details have been scarce.

Biometric sensors

Apple is a pioneer when it comes to biometric sensors, implementing a bunch of health and security features like a heart-rate monitor, Face ID and Touch ID into their Apple Watch and the iPhone, so this one should be no exception.

Automated audio pass-through

The AirPods cancel external noise when listening to music, but enable it to pass through when it detects that you’re running. This proved to be more efficient than existing methods of noise cancellation, which normally involve mixing in an ambient sound from the external microphones.

 A speaker hybrid

Apple patented this in 2011, but it was only implemented back in February 2017. The patent explains how headphones can be converted into speakers by activating special sensors that can detect when the headphones are placed at a particularly specific angle. However, it is unlikely to be seen since the AirPods are so small.

Though there’s been no official news about the AirPods 2 apart from a video, the rumors have been bubbling under the surface.

AirPods 2, could retail at the same price as the current model and will most probably be announced in the next few weeks.