Apple supposedly preparing to launch their own credit card

The world of banking has really evolved over the years. To think that it started with a mere rich man offering loans to poor people. Can you imagine such a time? I know I can’t. Almost everyone has a bank account this days, even kids have savings accounts these days. The piggy-bank error seemed to have died with us. To say the truth, I never put even one coin into that thing. Credit cards are quite convenient in the modern age. They are the link to money in the banks so there is no need to carry cash. According to reports, Apple is planning to launch its own credit card, dubbed the Apple credit card.

This has been made possible through the partnership with banking giant Goldman Sachs. Credit cards and technology of this sort require a number of tweaks in the system. However, a huge number of users have debit and credit cards registered alongside their Apple IDs. This is a clear indication that the market has been begging for such an invention. Users will obviously be quite happy to hear about the Apple credit card upon release. It makes paying for Apple services much easier. We all know how Apple forces users to pay for even apps.

How will the Apple credit card affect the users

Considering how tricky it is to link debit or credit cards to your Apple account, I believe this step will simplify a lot of lives. Furthermore, who wants to keep eating into their savings account. At least now you can allocate a certain amount to the Apple credit card per month or year. Well, I’ve never owed an iPhone but I can imagine how amused I’d have been if I was on that side of the world. Down here in the depths of the Android world we need no such thing. Feel free to comment about how the technology affects you. I’m looking forward to hearing from iOS users.