Apple struggles to fix FaceTime bug that let users eavesdrop on others

Apple have always been ahead of the game. If there is any new technology in the market, they have it. Such efficiency and dedication is what makes good companies. However, there will always be bumps on the road. Bumps like the recent reports of not only having a bug on the Facetime calling feature, but also the Group Facetime feature has gone offline. Naturally, the first place to get such news would be on social media platforms as people complain. Multiple threads of user complaints can be found on Twitter.

During such an event the best cause of action will be to check the Apple services status page. Here, Apple is obligated to indicate which of their services is working and which isn’t. Seemingly, the company is aware of the problem since they have clearly highlighted that the mode has an issue and is temporarily unavailable. I hope by temporarily they mean a really short time because a lot of people enjoy this feature.

Why did Apple disable the feature?

Reports say that Apple took the feature offline when their Facetime calling bug went public. The bug has raised a huge concerns since it let’s you hear audio before the person you were calling picks up. Is this enough to disable the Group Facetime feature? I believe so. Can you imagine getting a call you loudly ignore because you’re with your friends not knowing the caller can hear you? Yes, that’s how relationships a ruined. Or made, it’s good to leave room for the optimism out here.

A statement released to the media says that Apple plan to fix the feature this week. Their developers must be working round the clock to solve the problem. Funny thing with bugs is, it might be so small but the ripple effect is dire. A somewhat butterfly effect. Any news on the matter will be communicated as developments arise. Will Apple cut it to fix the problem in a week’s time? We’ll see.