Apple PowerBeats Pro are here to dethrone the AirPods?

Apple has been under a lot of heat to catch up to competition. Whether they are even able to do so is still up for debate. Features like the wireless charging are yet to be seen on Apple devices. Although the new revamped AirPods come with a wireless charging system. Huawei has also taken a leap to join the elite at the top of the food chain. This happened when they released the Huawei P30. A device that knocked the Samsung Galaxy S10 from the top of the camera rankings. Apple seems to have more of a gameplan now. With the release of the Apple PowerBeats Pro. This is beats branded earphones that lack wires. Much like the AirPods but they look more stylish in my regard.

Apple PowerBeats Pro coming to take over

Sound quality is a major factor when it comes to picking which earphones to buy. We recently did a comparison article between the AirPods and the Galaxy Buds. The AirPods came out on top. Which begs the question, will the Apple PowerBeats Pro be up to the mark? Personally, I believe that they are motivated enough to do a good job on the product. With its reputation on the line, Apple should be doing its level best to ensure anything they do now will be absolutely brilliant.

Naturally, the Apple PowerBeats Pro will be more expensive going for $250. It’s weird how this price won’t come as a surprise to Apple users. It is as if they are all used to the products being a bit pricy. But if they aren’t complaining, that means maybe they feel that the product is worth every penny. Apple has been linked with developing facial recognition for cars. We know that the AI world is growing fast, but I hadn’t realized it was to this extent. The feature will obviously have to include an AI so as to work properly. Again, I don’t doubt Apple’s ability to realize the feature. But will they do it though?

The number of reports we get that turn out to be a hundred percent true is not that many. But I am confident that at least 70% of the facts are believable. Take the Samsung Galaxy S10 for example. The leaks that came out tried hard to paint a picture of the device. And when the device finally came out, the images weren’t that different. Apple users can’t wait to lay their hands on these now earphones I’m sure. To the people that enjoy quality music as I do, leave a comment about the product if you have used it.