Apple Pencil 2 Release Date, Features And Rumors

As the highly anticipated Apple tech event of the year is coming closer, we’re hearing tons of rumors about products that could be making their debut at the event.

The latest rumor on the grapevine is about a possible upgraded second generation Apple Pencil 2. There’s not much to go on at the moment but here is everything we know so far about the Apple Pencil 2 which is expected to be unveiled along the iPad Pro at the event on October 30th.


Not a major up haul is expected in the looks department but some speculations suggest that a magnetic point could be added to the pencil by Apple so it could attach easily to the side of an iPad or iPad Pro. Reducing chances of losing it.

There are indications that the new upgrade could have a pocket clip as well although no mention of whether it’ll be removable or not. Also the pencil is designed with a soft rubber-like material for better grip and precision of the stylus.


Bluetooth and a W-series chip will enable a seamless connection to the iPad, kind of like the Apple airpods. Apple Pencil 2 will also include wireless charging via the iPad Pro 2 when it is attached magnetically.

Additional App Compatibility

The Apple Pencil 2 will be optimized to support compatibility with a larger number of apps than before.

Patent Predictions

Several Apple patents hint various features we could be seeing in the Apple pencil 2. For instance a patent indicated that the Apple Pencil 2 will be able to work on non-touch surfaces enabling the users to imitate a Wacom-tablet functionality on both the iPad and Mac.

Another patent suggests the Apple Pencil 2 will boast exchangeable tips in various shapes and sizes. There’s also evidence to believe that the back an Apple Pencil 2 could be used as an eraser and that it could feature Touch ID as well.

Of course as always patent designs aren’t always guaranteed to make it to the final product.

Release Date

The Apple Pencil 2 will most likely debut along the new iPad Pro upgrade, so we can guess October 30th.


Apple doesn’t exorbitantly increase prices for their upgrades usually. So based on that pattern since the current model retails for $99 we can expect it to maintain that figure for the Apple Pencil 2.

The iPad Pro that will be launched will include the following features if the rumors are true;

The iPad Pro will ditch the home button in favor of Face ID. The bigger tablets will combine Apple’s TrueDepth camera system in its bezel instead of carrying over the “notch” aesthetic which was introduced with iPhone X.

The new tablets will also apparently be supporting 4K HDR output to TVs and external monitors over an integrated USB-C port. A new panel in the Settings menu will provide control over brightness, resolution and HDR options, the report says. Previous rumors have also suggested that Apple intends to replace Lightning with USB-C as it aims to support higher bandwidth applications.

Reliable sources confirmed this year’s model identifiers as “iPad8,1,” “iPad8,2,” “iPad8,5” and “iPad8,6” for Wi-Fi only and “iPad8,1,” “iPad8,4,” “iPad8,7” and “iPad8,8” for cellular-enabled versions. There could possibly be two different screen-sizes available for the display, with a Wi-Fi only and Wi-Fi +