Apple now wants a piece of the foldable phones action

CES 2019 was quite successful considering the products that were on display. For example, the Uber flying car that’s set to be released in 2023. You can read about it here. Although I feel inclined to call it a small helicopter, we’ll call it a flying car since Uber is involved. It’s amazing how much much people can achieve with a little team work. To make this happen, Uber had to team up with Bell. However, this is not our topic of interest today. Today we talk about Apples supposed intentions to develop foldable phones. Could Samsung have sparked their interest with their CES prototype? Could be.

According to Cupertine, Apple is set to release a device that you can easily fold in the middle. Of late this foldable phones technology seems to be on everyone’s plans. Asian companies such as Xiaomi have eyes on the foldable prize as well. Although their design is quite different from the rest. Even though

they are yet to think of name, there has been talk that hinges will be incorporated into the design. However, I’m not sure how Apple plan to achieve this exactly. We all know that their hardware is made in Asia. Hence the finesse, I knew there was no way they did all that by themselves.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Foldable Phones

First of all, I don’t really get what the hype on this feature is all about. I imagine such a device to be quite fragile. In the case where the size of the device is tablet size, it being foldable is quite an advantage. Fitting it in your pocket is easy. Tablets are quite hard to use in public come to think of it. If it’s foldable, this means that we can finally use the camera without stressing about whether it looks weird. Of course taking a selfie with a tablet is quite odd. However, if it could be folded then that changes things.