Apple No Longer Allow Downgrade To iOS 12

Apple has decided to go ahead with the decision to no longer sign iOS 12. It’s a tactic devised most likely to make sure users stick to the latest public update. Apple’s latest update, the iOS 12.1 released in September carried a fix to several annoying iPhone XS bugs and also enhanced performance significantly. It also fixed the pesky charging and Wi-Fi issues in the iPhone XS.

The previous battery issue showed the device not appearing to charge if it was asleep when the Lightning cable was connected, but if they woke the device with the cable still plugged in, it immediately started to charge. It’s possible that it was being charged all along, of course, and was just not waking the screen and making the charging sound like usual. However the issue has been taken care of by the new update.

Not being able to downgrade to iOS 12 will certainly be bad news for jailbreakers who were not holding off updating to a newer release. Some were holding on to the older version in case the iOS 12 would be jailbroken.

So if someone was resting on iOS 12 and expecting a possible jailbreak, they should resist upgrading to the latest iOS 12.0.1 update. A few iOS 12 jailbreak demos have emerged but so far there hasn’t been any public release of the same.

Jailbreaking aside, those willing to download the iOS 12.1 will finally get perks of a Group FaceTime for upto 32 people at the same time. However everyone participating in the chat will need to be running a beta of iOS 12.1.

Other features include over 70 new emojis inclusive of curly-haired, gray and redheads and bald individuals. Softballs, skateboards, and frisbees are the other additions for sports. Meanwhile animal and food emojis have expanded to include kangaroos, lobsters, bagels, and cupcakes now.

You can also adjust the background blur was photos also known as bokeh in real time now. Before it could only be adjusted after the photo was taken already. The feature has already been improved in the portrait mode for both iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max.

The eSIM iPhone support is also live with the proper setup menus.

The referencing of “iPad2018fall” is also something to look forward to. The new iPad pro is expected to release in October and all rumors suggest a bezel-reduced device, with a TrueDepth camera for Face ID and Memoji. There is plenty of evidence that indicates Animoji and Memoji are going to be supersized on Apple’s tablet very soon.

If you have no plans to take the jailbreaking route, an honest advice would be to update to iOS 12.1 as soon as it’s made available.