Apple fixes MacBook flexgate problem in quite a modest fashion

In the recent past, there has been plenty of bug reports by Apple users. But in the technology world today, there are few products that function without flaws. Or rather, factors that can be improved. The MacBook Flexgate problem is among the most recent ones. However, this looks like a stage light effect. The developers managed to pinpoint the problem to a flex cable that attached the display to a logic board. Since it appears the error does not exist any more, it seems that it was fixed. It’s quite rare for a company to fix a problem without sort of announcing it to the whole world. I like this sort of modesty.

This problem surfaced back in 2018 when there seemed to be a problem with the length of the cables. When the cable lengths were compared to those on predecessors they came to the realization that they had made a mistake. The cable in question was a whole 2 mm longer. In real sense this doesn’t look like much but in hardware mathematics it is actually. On the inside of a machine a 1 mm difference counts for so much. The intricacies of computer hardware require a very patient mind. So does the software bit, bugs in codes can make you lose hair but you just have to deal with them slowly.

MacBook Flexgate problem life cycle.

There has been suspicions that Apple lengthened the cable in a bid to fix another problem. This happens often in the tech world. In a bid to fix one bug you might give rise to more of the same or do the opposite. It may seem like luck but once you get the hang of it you begin to recognize errors. The MacBook flexgate problem error had been quite a nag from users, Apple developers will be relieved that they finally fixed it.

Developers are often aware of more errors than the user. I am sure that the MacBook flexgate problem life cycle is much bigger than users imagine. I was once presenting my software during a presentation and maxed all my errors. It’s quite easy to manipulate what users can see from a developers point of view.