Apple card packaging leaks ahead of launch

Methods of payment are continuing to grow in number as we move along. Concepts such as bitcoin are what has motivated this revolution. The simplicity in paying has made the economy flourish a lot because of the dynamic nature of the service. In the past carrying a lot of cash was not adviced because of security issues. But now, such a problem has been forgotten. With the use of Gold or Black cards, one can pay for almost anything. Including a superyacht if that’s your sort of thing. Well, Apple made it known that they wanted a piece of the cake. Apple card packaging leaks have been spotted on the internet. This is a sign that the product will soon be in circulation. With the amount of hype behind this product, it better deliver.

More about the Apple Card…

Apple has a lot of users around the world. If even half of them decide to use the Apple card as a way of payment continuously, this would mean supernormal profits. We know that Apple is already a sort of monopoly, but it seems they would like to surpass that term. Apple card packaging will be for the physical card that will have the user’s name and pin. The whole idea behind the card, in the beginning, was a contactless method of payment. The physical card is meant to be for when the contactless method is not available. However, users will hope this will happen a few times as possible.

The giant tech company is expected to launch the product in the United States first. Sometimes I wish the whole world was just one country to avoid such things. Users down here in Africa will have to wait a long time for this feature to be available to them. The main problem being that developments in technology are needed first. For contactless payment to be possible there has to be a particular type of hardware in place. Something that is already well established in the United States. The story about them being so much ahead of the African countries is never doubted because of such situations.

From our featured image, you can spot the Apple card packaging. The design is cool enough but the image was not exactly taken for display. We thank Ben Geskin for the very informative leak. However, the facts are still subject to change till launch. Till then, this is the best picture we can have in our minds.