Apple car rumors still doing rounds as the project Titan shifts focus

Apple has been known to produce a variety of products. Although most of us know the mainly for their phone devices. Recently, the company has received a lot of heat for supposedly only focusing on profits and not user requirements. However, I do not hold the same opinion. I feel that the company is on the brink of a new revolution. We posted a story about them creating a facial recognition system for cars. How cool is that? If they pull this off I am officially an Apple fan. Today we look at rumors about them developing an Apple car.

This story has been in circulation for a while. The project Apple was working on is called Titan. Apparently they were supposed to come up with their own vehicle but somehow shifted to creating software to work with cars. I think this is where the facial recognition software for cars came from. Is this just a desperate cry for attention? Or are they really in it to win it? Only time will tell. According to anonymous sources, Apple has breathed new life into its car development plans. Apparently, the car will be electric. Something I’m not really so surprised to hear. Apple being a tech company, they would obviously prefer to emulate Tesla to Toyota.

Is the Apple car for real or just a story?

Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook has not shared anything pointing towards a real movement in the project, fans remain positive. The thing I like about Apple fans is that they are always updated. I think since Apple has such a huge community, the ones really loyal to them are quite a number. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone told me that Apple has the biggest following compared to the rest of the companies. Samsung also boasts of having a huge following but I highly doubt it’s reached Apple level.

I can’t wait to hear more about this story. Maybe we’ll hear about the Apple car at the WWDC this year. Feel free to comment on the story or add a few facts in the section below.