Apex Legends Clocks 10 million in 3 days to beat Fortnite’s 2 weeks

I think we all can agree that Fortnite has been quite a success story so far. What I like most about it is the online aspect. The fact that I can play against someone far away in real time amuses me. The game has a lot of good qualities. However, the game went through a period of lawsuits filled by PUBG mobile. If you’ve played both games, you can attest to the fact that the two games are quite similar. From how the avatar is modified to how the map shrinks when playing. The claims were quite reasonable if you ask me, but they are past it now. Apex Legends however look to knock them off their porch.

Apex Legends is quite different from the likes of PUBG and Fortnite. In this game, it’s not about building up your avatar like we’re used to in Fortnite. Here we get to use real legends, each with their own powers and abilities. It is quite close to X-men evolution, but some will say it is a mashup of Fortnite and Overwatch. Have you noticed how Fortnite is at the center of our discussion and yet the topic today is Apex Legends. What big shoes to fill.

What has Apex Legends done different?

First of all, they have EA on their team. Every time I see EA anywhere, I think FIFA. The company is known to have cutting products. Although recently there have been talks about them under-performing. Is this the moneymaker they need to silence the critics? It is still too early to tell whether the game will make good money, but signs are pointing in that direction at the moment. Achieving in three days what Fortnite did in 2 weeks is no little task.

Battle Royale is what is trending in the gaming world today. This attempt by EA and Respawn to move past the era is quite daring.Whether it will work or not is too hard to say at the moment. Let’s see what they’ll achieve in two weeks.