Anthem Legion of Dawn armor glitch proving quite a pest to users

Gaming as we all know is a really cool pass time. I’ve missed a couple of classes cause of FIFA with the boys. In the gaming world, there are various genres from which to choose from. There are those of us that like open world games, the likes of God of War and Devil May Cry. While others enjoy combat games like Mortal Kombat, the sequel that has been there since the PS1. I can’t even remember how the PS1 looks like. Our main focus however is Anthem Legion of Dawn. There has been reports from users that the gear isn’t showing up for use even after completing all the necessary requirements.

Glitches in games have come to be quite common if you think about it. Just recently we posted a post about PUBG. Apparently, the device wasn’t working well and users were demanding for better refresh rates. In Anthem Legion of Dawn like in many other games, there is a rewards tab that should reflect some bonuses it isn’t. This is quite a bummer because the upgrades are important in order to make good progress. The good thing however is that the game developers have already acknowledged the problem and are working towards a solution. The good thing about software/games these days is that the support is quite good. Glitches and bugs in the system are acted upon swiftly to keep the users happy.

Is there a workaround for Anthem Legion of Dawn glitch?

Another good thing about modern day technology is the maintainability aspect. Anything can be tweaked into finally working, somehow. For this problem in particular there has been a workaround that has seemed to work for some users. First you need to exit the game and move to the ‘Manage game & add-ons’ option. Then uninstall the pre-order and Anthem LOD. After this reinstall both of them and reboot the machine. This should have solved the problem upon restarting.

If you have come across this problem on your console and tried to solve it using the above method, feel free to inform about it in the comment section below.