Android Pie based LineageOS 16.0 release beckons to the fans’ delight

There was a time when users would have been more than contented with the vanilla Android. Since GPE(Google Play Edition) failed miserably in their pursuit. Before it was launched, the market was almost begging for it. This just goes to prove that hype doesn’t equal results. While Google took a hit, Motorola stepped up with their G series that had a close to AOSP operating system. However, reports suggested that these OEMs often have problems with updates. Sometimes they take too long to release an update or they entirely skip the version. Updates are often rolled out to fix bugs and the like, making them very important in software maintenance. The LineageOS 16.0 is said to have none of the stated defects however. Will they keep their word?

Was there an existing solution?

CyanogenMod has saved a lot of users from the constraints of operating systems. This application makes getting rid of the default OS feel like shooting hoops. Recently, there was talks that the software might be taken offline. These were proven to be rumors as developers say that it was a slight hiccup, nothing major. Android Pie based LineageOS 16.0 unofficial builds already started to pop up a while ago.

As is tradition, fans can’t help themselves. Sometimes the release date of something is so far that the fans decide to do something about it. However, this time it was google that released the source code. We technology enthusiasts understand that this OS will not be supported in every device. Actually, I view this as a way to move forward. To keep companies on their toes. If it was otherwise, then the technology industry wouldn’t be growing as fast as it is now.

Google Pixel, One Plus and Samsung seem to have the lion’s share when it comes to devices that can support the LineageOS. 2019 looks to be a very exciting year. Everyone is at each others necks scrambling to get an edge on the rest. As it should be.