Android Auto voice recording issue has been fixed

In Software Engineering, you need to be aware that maintenance is as important as production. Apps and softwares today get updates even more frequently than in the past. As users interact with the technology, new requirements will arise. And in order to achieve word class service, these requirements need to be met. It is the only sure way to keep stocks up and the doors open, the customer is always right they say. Android Auto swooped into the market to save a lot of drivers. The technology made using your phone in the car voice activated. How cool is that, if you had told me something like this was possible ten years ago I’d bet all my lunch in opposition.

Google, big shots as they are also have bugs in their softwares. There has always been talks about how big organisations take the longest time to fix bugs. Android Auto for example has had the same bug since 2017. The fact that they accepted the problem and stated that their Android Auto team was looking into it makes it even worse. Anyone smell incompetence? Well, Google could argue that they have a lot going on. But isn’t the customer always right? Improvements should be made.

After almost two years, Google finally has a solution to the problem. Their employees informed the community that a beta version was ready to be rolled out.

What was the problem with Android Auto?

The problem comes in when the ‘Ok Google’ feature comes in. When the user interacts with the system, it seems to be recording some of the data wrongly. Or rather, the AI is not exactly intelligent. Here is a clear step by step guide to the problem. Below is a user’s interaction with the voice service.

  • Ok Google I want to send a text.
  • Google: What is your message?
  • Hello Jeremy.
  • Google: What is your message? Hello Jeremy.

The above bug has been in existence since 2017. I mean, FIFA has released 2 whole games in that time. Google defended themselves by saying that the problem had a lot of ‘moving parts’ when interviewed on the matter in the past. Even if I don’t own a car, I will still stand for software efficiency.